Unwind While Painting With Friends

Unwind While Painting With Friends

Our paint-your-own pottery studio in Nacogdoches, TX welcomes walk-ins

Forget about making an appointment. Drop by Piece Makers Studio in Nacogdoches, TX anytime to turn a blank piece of pottery into your own artistic creation.

When you walk into our art studio, you’ll find a large selection of pottery pieces that haven’t yet been painted. We have coffee mugs, piggy banks, statues and an array of whimsical characters.

Once you’ve selected your favorite piece of pottery, you can:

  • Take your time painting it and bringing it to life
  • Leave the painted piece with us so we can fire it in the kiln
  • Come back in a week’s time to pick up your finished pottery piece

You pay for each pottery item separately. The cost of each individual piece covers the materials and firing. Bring your friends and family to our pottery painting shop right away.

What can you do with your finished pottery?

Our pottery painting sessions in Nacogdoches, TX are great for people of all ages. Your finished piece of pottery:

  • Will be microwave safe
  • Can be used as a decoration
  • Is safe to eat off of
  • Makes an attractive paperweight
  • Can be gifted to a loved one

See what all the buzz is about. Visit our pottery painting shop today.