Business for Sale Information 

Q: How much?

A: We are working on inventory and equipment lists, tax information and other details.

Email ruby@piecemakersstudio.com to receive information once it’s compiled.

Please, only serious inquiries only.

In the meantime, research franchises and other PYOP*-type studios to get some comparisons and to see if this type of business is right for you.

(*Paint Your Own Pottery)

Q: This business must not be succeeding, or why else would it be for sale?

Short Answer: The original Business Plan gets filed under “Things That Didn’t Go As Planned”.

More Professional Answer: Since opening in 2019, Piece Makers Studio has consistently worked on branding, advertising and building a customer base. Unexpected Covid-related challenges in 2020-2021 forced us to shift gears and solely focus on keeping the doors open. Although our momentum was temporarily disrupted, 2021 has shown promise and there are many Piece Makers looking forward to painting in 2022.

Q: I would love to run a Paint Your Own Pottery studio, but I have no idea how to use a kiln.

A: Part of the transfer of ownership will include training by Ruby. Many hours of workshops, study and hands on experience will be shared with the new owners. Arrangements to be made as part of sales negotiations.

Q: Is the location part of the business?

A: No, we rent this space. The new owners would need to decide if they want to work with the current management company or relocate.

Q: I am uncertain about running a small business.

A: Ruby highly recommends visiting with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at Angelina college. They have been an invaluable resource since the start of Piece Makers Studio.

Q: I have Other Questions not covered here!

A: Sorry about that! This is the first time I have ever sold a business. See below:

Please email any other questions to ruby@piecemakersstudio.com, but please be patient with reply time. This is a small operation, with one person wearing many different hats.

Thank you for your time and interest. Peace